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How can I relieve my dry mouth?

  • ›  Carry a small water bottle so you can take frequent sips during the day
  • ›  Moisten your mouth with artificial salivas as needed
  • ›  Apply lip lubricants, as required
  • ›  Avoid alcoholic, carbonated and caffeine-containing drinks
  • ›  If acidic juices irritate your mouth, substitute fruit-flavoured drinks or milk
  • ›  Avoid salty foods since they may increase your thirst
  • ›  Use a humidifier or vaporizer, especially at night
  • ›  Chew sugarless or dry-mouth gum with xylitol "(Trident)" or suck sugarless hard candies
  • ›  Avoid dry foods such as cookies, toast and crackers, or soften them with liquids before eating
  • ›  Puree foods or try soft foods like macaroni and cheese, stews, mashed potatoes, soup, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, canned fruits and vegetables, yogurt and ice cream
  • ›  If it's too difficult to eat a full meal, try eating smaller, more frequent meals
  • ›  Drink liquids with meals and use gravies, sauces, yogurt and mayonnaise to make food easier to swallow
  • ›  Suck on ice chips (but don't chew them) or popsicles if their cold temperature doesn't bother you
  • ›  Maintain stringent oral hygiene. Cleanse teeth and/or dentures frequently. Use fluoridated products as directed. Wash hands before and after oral care
  • ›  Stop smoking
  • ›  Check inside your cheeks, the roof of your mouth, your gums and tongue daily for red, white or dark patches and ulcers. If you find any, contact our office for a check
  • ›  Tablets and capsules are easier to swallow if you drink a little water first, and then swallow the drug, followed by at least half a glass of water. If you still have problems, talk with your pharmacist
  • ›  If you are repeatedly having to have fillings done, a re-mineralization or fluoride trays may be needed
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