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Read through our patient reviews of their dental care with Dr. Les Ennis and the staff at Croydon Dental in South Surrey, BC.

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Posted By: Joe Wilson, Croydon Dental patient since 2000

For anyone looking for an awesome Dental Team...... it is Les and Croydon Dental! Les' team have done a wonderful job; completing regular dental check-ups, cleanings, fillings, painless root cannels & extractions and cosmetic repairs. It is great to be able to call on a dental team that cares and can provide great dental advice. The team gets the job done economically; with a smile, humour, compassion and all without pain


Posted By: Petulla Dedish, Croydon Dental patient since 1999

Over the last 15 years, Dr. Les Ennis has provided dental care to me, my husband and three children. The service has been outstanding with great attention to detail and the patient' s concerns. The superb staff make the visits comfortable and they have a terrific manner in putting the patients, no matter how big or small, at ease!


Posted By: Dimity Hammon, Croydon Dental patient since 1987

I was one of Les's first patients many, many years ago. I was terrified of dentists and told Les that there were two things I never wanted to hear from a dentist; "oh-oh and root canal". Sure enough as soon as I got in the chair and he started poking around I heard him say "oh-oh" followed immediately by "root canal"!!!! Embarrassed and worried that he had just lost one of his only patients, Les promised that it wouldn't hurt and that he would buy me a beer after every appointment from then on. He has never disappointed on either promise and I am no longer terrified of dentists!!


Posted By: Antoinette Mak, Croydon Dental patient since 1990

Les (Dr. Ennis) has been my dentist for 24 years. I first visited Les as a child with my parents, grandparents, and brothers. Before going to Les I used to be afraid of my dentist visits, but not anymore. The wonderful staff and Les himself are always so friendly and go out of their way to make my visits as painless as possible and even enjoyable. I am always greeted by name with a smile, and I feel that I am more of a visiting friend than a patient.

When I got married I introduced my new husband, Mike, to Les, and he quickly became a regular patient as well. At his previous dentist, Mike had endured some excruciating cleanings along with fillings that would break right after a lengthy procedure. None of these painful experiences followed him to Les's office, and he enjoys joking around with Les and the staff, and sharing stories about vacations and the antics of our kids. Mike used to have terrible dental hygiene, but after visiting Les, he is managing to leave the majority of his check-up cavity-free!

We now have four children and they have all seen Les their entire lives, from mini-check ups when little to routine cleanings for my first teenager. All our children are reaping the benefits of the positive teaching and friendly reminders to brush and floss, and have nearly cavity-free mouths. As a mom of four school-aged kids, I also now appreciate how Les accommodates our busy school and sport lives, and my husband can always schedule his visits for after work times as well.

Whenever anyone mentions the word "dentist", I always bring up Les's name and share the stories of our wonderful experiences. He is a great dentist, and he has gathered a great bunch of people to work with him. We feel very lucky to have our dental security in Les's capable hands.

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