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About 1 in 4 adults suffer from tooth sensitivity. It's not a disease, but a condition that usually develops over time, reaching its peak between the ages of 30 and 40.


There are a number of causes of tooth sensitivity. Enamel and gums protect your teeth, but sometimes the natural protection can be weakened, causing long-term or temporary sensitivity.

  • ›  Dietary Acids - Acidic foods or drinks like pop, certain alcoholic beverages, citrus fruits and drinks, or pickled products.
  • ›  Tooth Wear - Brushing too hard or grinding your teeth can gradually remove the enamel, especially when it's soft.
  • ›  Gum Recession - Brushing too hard can affect your gums by pushing them back until they no longer cover the tooth at the natural gum line.
  • ›  Bleaching or whitening – Bleaching or whitening often causes temporary sensitivity. Up to 75% of people who whiten their teeth experience discomfort!
  • ›  Gum Surgery – Having gum surgery may lead you to have temporary sensitivity.
  • ›  Scaling or Polishing – Having scaling or polishing at the dentist can often lead to temporary tooth sensitivity.


Begin by removing the cause! Try to eliminate or at least reduce the things that led to dentin exposure in the first place.

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